UCD ... As Easy As 1-2-3

Simplify With LoanComplete™

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) requirement deadline of September 25, 2017 is fast approaching. LoanComplete will automate your UCD preparation and delivery.

Eliminate manual data entry and stare-and-compare data validation to accelerate your UCD readiness and eliminate costly programming.

LoanComplete delivers:

  • Automated borrower and seller CD classification and data extraction
  • Internal and 3rd party TRID compliance checking (optional)
  • Centralized exception management workflow (for TRID and GSE feedback)
  • MISMO/UCD formatting and packaging with appropriate documentation
  • Transmission to the GSE of your choice

With LoanComplete, you can easily:

  • Address UCD requirements and reduce risk
  • Improve quality and reduce errors for salability
  • Increase productivity to avoid staffing increases
  • Accelerate the process and reduce costs



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UCD is required as of September 25, 2017. Non-compliance will be expensive and affect the salability of your loans to the GSEs.

Will you be ready?

Craig Focardi Webinar Recording Now Available

Listen to our recent webinar recording with CEB TowerGroup, Creating Digital Mortgage Closings While Achieving UCD Compliance, to learn about industry trends, impacts, challenges, and considerations, including UCD.

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