Instant Issue Tablet

With Instant Issue Advantage™: Tablet from Fiserv, your tellers can meet accountholders at the door, tablet in hand, and easily and instantly issue Visa®- or Mastercard®-branded magnetic stripe or EMV® debit or credit cards.


Consumers want a branch experience that demonstrates the latest technology and fits with the way they want to manage their money. Conveniently and wirelessly, Instant Issue Advantage: Tablet allows tellers to walk accountholders through the entire card issuance process – from new account opening to printing a card and PIN selection – from anywhere in your branch within minutes.


  • Start-of-day: Tracking and reporting of the ordering and loading cards from your card vault
  • Create and print card: Access accountholder records to initiate card activation and printing on your instant issuance financial card printer
  • PIN selection: Cardholder selection of a PIN, verification and instant activation
  • Close-of-day: Conduct end-of-day card balancing of physical card inventory in your vault

EMV is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.


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